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        Why Choose Next Step Counseling?

  • Our qualified staff: The facilitator is a licensed professional Counselor, Licensed school counselor and Rule 31 trained mediator.
  • We are a court approved provider.​
  • We offer flexible days and hours.

This four-hour educational class for divorcing parents is focused on the needs of children during this time of transition and adjustment. This class meets the guidelines of the Tennessee Parenting Law. The Divorcing Parents seminar is to be completed  within 90 days of filing for your divorce.  The  curriculum used in this seminar is nationally known and is used in other programs throughout the state of Tennessee. The seminar is lecture and discussion based. Participation in discussion is completely voluntary.  I offerIndividual classes ONLY; for those who prefer privacy, and a class tailored to fit their schedule.

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Divorcing Parenting Class

Tennessee Court Approved Parenting Class:

A State Mandated Seminar for Divorcing Parents

  • Conflict resolution
  • Feelings created by divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Navigating the school system
  • Resources in the community
  • Rights, Legal matters and terms

Tennessee Court Approved Parenting Class:

A State Mandated Seminar for Divorcing Parents


  • Grief
  • Adjustment
  • Communication
  • Communication with children
  • Coping Skills for children
  • Separating adult business from children's business
  • Peaceful exchanges and transitions

        What to Bring to Class:

  • Virtual Session
  • Attorney's email address
  • ​Pen or Pencil and paper
  • Your Docket number
  • A Snack/Drink
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